• (verb): Present participle of ensheathe.

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Example Sentences

  • A neurosurgeon there, Dr. Huang Hongyun, using olfactory ensheathing (ph) cells.

  • In fact, the active cells are passing their daughters into the middle of the process, and these pass through similar stages as those derived from the ensheathing epidermis.

  • The ensheathing callus is still very abundant, but less so than at an earlier date.

  • Other willowy creatures were lazy enough to be still in filmy "princess" petticoats and long, weblike, silk corsets ensheathing their figures nearly to their knees.

  • In a fracture of a long bone, that which surrounds the fragments is called the _external_ or _ensheathing callus_, and may be likened to the mass of solder which surrounds the junction of pipes in plumber-work; that which occupies the position of the medullary canal is called the _internal_ or _medullary callus_; and that which intervenes between the fragments and maintains the continuity of the cortical compact tissue of the shaft is called the

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