• (noun): One who enunciates or proclaims.

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Example Sentences

  • SCHNEIDER: The folks in the building were initially notified through an enunciator, which is an indoor paging system used throughout the Capitol campus.

  • The Miami rapper is an enunciator of the highest order, his voice a tidal wave baritone.

  • That is why this lame-brained enunciator is always spitting, grinning and dancing like a fool.

  • As Clennam had a purpose in remaining, he said what he could responsive to these sentiments, and stood at the window with their enunciator, while

  • One of the most distinctive interpreters pop music has ever known, Pitney was a superior stylist, a tuneful enunciator who seemed to look past the lyric to each song's underlying meaning -- the soul of each word, and the spirit that strung them together.

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