• (adjective): Of, or relating to epigenesis.
  • (adjective): Of, or relating to epigenetics.

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Example Sentences

  • I know that identical twins gradually start to deviate in epigenetic structure from birth – a fascinating subject, I highly recommend it.

  • And the second discipline is called epigenetic which says that environmental factors, personal relationships, social interactions, lifestyle, can actually regulate the expression of your genes.

  • Collectively, the processes that we believe have been neglected in evolutionary studies are known as epigenetic mechanisms.

  • Professor Keith Godfrey University of Southampton Studies in animals have shown that changes in diet can alter the function of genes - known as epigenetic change.

  • Indeed, scientists are coming to realize that subtle changes in our genetic material -- technically known as epigenetic changes -- can alter the way that genes are turned on and off, in ways that affect the body's functioning.

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