• (adjective): Of or pertaining to an etiology.

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  • (adjective): relating to the etiology of a disease; "etiological agent"
  • (adjective): of or relating to the philosophical study of causation

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Example Sentences

  • Indeed, it is not at all clear whether there may in fact be an etiological link between fibromyalgia and obesity.

  • So compelling are these findings that Dr. Itzhaki has concluded, Our present data suggest that this virus is a major cause of amyloid plaques and hence probably a significant etiological factor in Alzheimer's disease.

  • The collective efforts by researchers in our group and others, and by clinicians, brought together sufficient data to convince the scientific community and the relevant authorities that LAV (later to be named human immunodeficiency virus, HIV) was the etiological agent of AIDS.

  • Shrouded in etiological puzzles, the place continues to pique the minds of scholars and travel show hosts.

  • Without antiviral drugs or a real understanding of the infectious agent (scientists argued for years over whether bacillus influenzae was the etiological agent of the 1918 flu pandemic, until a "filterable virus" was eventually determined to be the cause), patients were basically on their own against the disease, and the only useful response was a public health one.

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