• (verb): Third-person singular simple present indicative form of euthanize.

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Example Sentences

  • As outlined in a Sun story by Don Peat this week, Toronto Animal Services -- set up to replace the THS for animal control -- is virtually a killing machine that "euthanizes" over half the animals that fall into its clutches.

  • This is interesting coming from an organization that regularly "euthanizes" animals.

  • PETA euthanizes animals so why should we listen to them.

  • They are an economic means that has provided for him, and also a group he has come to admire and respect, the same way a beef provider admires cows or a worker at an animal shelter that euthanizes dogs loves dogs.

  • When Senator Obama becomes our next President, we must insist that, along with Congress, he acts to reverse this dangerous trend, as well as euthanizes that pernicious piece of legislation, the USA Patriot Act, which will someday be known as the great purge of the U.S. Constitution

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