• (verb): Present participle of euthanize.

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Example Sentences

  • He understood he was dying, and I struggled internally with the idea of euthanizing him, but I could see his desire to live life as best he could to the very end, so we kept him close for his final days.

  • In particular, I hate the idea of euthanizing healthy animals.

  • Ken Wiles, owner of the 6,000-animal Wiles hog farm near Creston where the incident occurred last year says he's been "euthanizing" hogs this way for 40 years.

  • The owners of Petland have stated that company policy strictly prohibits employees from euthanizing animals.

  • So there's this nagging fear that what they really want out of Star Trek is for Dr. McCoy to start euthanizing his patients for getting too old, or for Kirk to give Spock a really passionate kiss --- things that may (or may not) conflict with the visions of individual Trek fans.

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