• (verb): Dated form of exceed.

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Excede may refer to:

Ceftiofur, a chemical compound
Exoplanetary Circumstellar Environments and Disk Explorer, a planned space telescope

Example Sentences

  • Most properly bred gun dogs have the innate ability and drive to excede there master's qualifications for training.

  • Whether Israeli actions excede those limits is not addressed by the example – only that the general principle of self defense has limits.

  • I love New Moon and would love to see the third excede it!

  • When Abraham was promised posterity to match the stars in the heaven for multitude (again from the Bible) we take God at his word and believe that Abraham's litteral seed will excede the number of sand particles on this planet.

  • Furthermore, verification of basics like citizenship, place of birth, age, certfication of education, residence and police record would certainly excede what one might expect to anticipate at a job interview.

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