• (noun): Any act of deceit, fraud, swindling, or thieving; the act of begging under false pretenses; also, a device by which fraud is effected.
  • (noun): Any peculiar or artistic production or piece of workmanship.

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Example Sentences

  • When the tying-up fakement was over everything went off first-rate.

  • Mr. Falkland ‘ll stand a farm, you may be sure, for this little fakement.’

  • For some time past, it seems, dad had been grumbling about being left to himself so much, and, except this last fakement, not having anything to do with the road work.

  • "It's all the same jolly fakement to me, one way or t'other."

  • Charley's next birthday I shall present him, I think, with a proper pearly suit, with kicksies cut saucy over the trotters, and an artful fakement down the side, if the Society will allow me.

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