• (noun): A sweet creamy sugar paste used in candies and icings.
  • (noun): A candy containing this paste.

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  • (noun): candy made of a thick creamy sugar paste

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Fondant may refer to:

Chocolate fondant, a type of pudding
Fondant icing, a type of icing commonly used on decorative cakes
Fondant potatoes, also known as pommes fondant, a method of preparing potatoes

Example Sentences

  • The name fondant comes from the French fondre, meaning “to melt,” and fondant is the base for what are called candy “creams,” the flavored, moist, melt-in-the-mouth interiors of filled chocolates and other candies.

  • The "tiers" (the base and the middle) are foam board wrapped in fondant, and were planned to be that way from the get-go to support the weight of the cake.

  • The fondant is (obviously) where I began to struggle.

  • In most of these cake show challenges, each cake is literally draped in fondant, which brings nothing to the flavor of the cake, and exists solely as a sculpting agent.

  • Austin includes directions for using a specific kind of fondant, which is something most home bakers don't mess with, and food-safe markers.

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