• (noun): A hot dish made of melted cheese and wine and eaten with bread.
  • (noun): A similar dish, especially one consisting of a melted sauce in which pieces of food, such as bread, meat, or fruit, are dipped or cooked: chocolate fondue.
  • (noun): A soufflé usually made with cheese and bread crumbs.

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  • (noun): hot cheese or chocolate melted to the consistency of a sauce into which bread or fruits are dipped
  • (noun): cubes of meat or seafood cooked in hot oil and then dipped in any of various sauces

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Fondue (; French: [fɔ̃dy]) is a Swiss dish of melted cheese served in a communal pot (caquelon or fondue pot) over a portable stove (réchaud) heated with a candle or spirit lamp, and eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks. It was promoted as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union (Schweizerische Käseunion) in the 1930s, and was popularized in North America in the 1960s.
Since the 1950s, the term \"fondue\" has been generalized to other dishes in which a food is dipped into a communal pot of liquid kept hot in a fondue pot: chocolate fondue, in which pieces of fruit or pastry are dipped into a melted chocolate mixture, and fondue bourguignonne, in which pieces of meat are cooked in hot oil or broth.

Example Sentences

  • The word fondue comes from the French verb fondre, which means "to melt," and the practice actually originated in Switzerland as a way for both peasants and nobility alike to use up hardened cheese and/or stale bread.

  • A fondue is a delicious way to while away a cold winter evening ... huddled around a pot of molten cheese, dipping in crusty bread and potato wedges.

  • Since our home made fondue is only cheese, we're not used to cooking our meat in an oil fondue.

  • The word fondue is a derivative of the French chit-chat, fondre, which means "to fade".

  • Years ago we were in Torino during white truffle season and had 'fondue' - or a plate of melted cheese and white truffles...

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