• (verb): Simple past tense and past participle of fulminate.

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Example Sentences

  • Agamemnon, jumping upon the piazza at the same moment, trod upon the paper parcel, which exploded at once with the shock, and he fell to the ground, while at the same moment the paste "fulminated" into a blue flame directly in front of

  • "fulminated" into a blue flame directly in front of Mrs. Peterkin!

  • While some on the Left fulminated against the eventual deal, it was nothing compared to what some of the Tea Partiers were saying about it.

  • No one I met fulminated about loss of economic sovereignty or that S&P, whose purblind approval of junk mortgage debt as triple A was one of the causes of the financial crisis, had finally over-reached itself.

  • In a debate with Hitchens a few years ago, the journalist Chris Hedges made the point that Hitchens fulminated against the irrational without admitting the existence of the non-rational.

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