• (verb): Present participle of fulminate.
  • (adjective): explosive
  • (adjective): Describing any sudden and severe (often fatal) inflammation

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Example Sentences

  • The principal compound of fulminic acid is the mercury salt commonly known as fulminating mercury.

  • If Mr. Ford was a white guy, no one would be assailing him with this kind of fulminating rage.

  • You have a kind of fulminating amalgamation of terrorist groups, each of whom is striking in different places.

  • John West, associate director of the Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute, has replied to my "fulminating" essay, posted to Dispatches, In the Agora and the Panda's Thumb, on ID and "divine design".

  • On the other hand, the numerous medical witnesses for the defence, unconnected by any bond of common interest, testified that natural causes, were sufficient to account for the death; many of them asserting that the case in all its symptoms and post-mortem appearances tallied precisely with the so-called fulminating form of cerebro-spinal meningitis, which was prevalent in Baltimore at the time of General Ketchum's death. [

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