• (verb-transitive): To equip with what is needed, especially to provide furniture for.
  • (verb-transitive): To supply; give: "The story of Orpheus has furnished Pope with an illustration” ( Thomas Bulfinch).

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  • (verb): provide or equip with furniture; "We furnished the house in the Biedermeyer style"
  • (verb): give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater"

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Furnish is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

David Furnish (born 1962), Canadian filmmaker
William M. Furnish (1912–2007), American paleontologist
Furnish, an aqueous suspension of cellulose fibers from which paper is made

Example Sentences

  • Would the possession of the document as written, along with the original document as it appeared in code, furnish an individual with the necessary information to break the code?

  • It cost $18 million to design, build and furnish, which is about $3 million more than the average for the newly built branches.

  • Can even the Muses of burlesque and slang furnish such an instance?

  • These novices have yet to learn that fluency of speech and beauty of expression furnish no test of gospel ministry; for although it may be conveyed in 'the words which man's wisdom teacheth,' if it be not in the demonstration of the spirit and of power, 'it is utterly worthless in the Divine sight.

  • And it is only when this illusion is created in the theatre, that it is possible for the public to enjoy that vicarious experience of life, to furnish which is the one great function of the drama.

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