• (noun): A genus of caraboid beetles.
  • (noun): In Mollusca, same as Capulus.

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Galerita is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species:
Galerita aenigmatica Reichardt, 1971
Galerita aequinoctialis Chaudoir, 1852
Galerita aethiopica (Basilewsky, 1984)
Galerita affinis Dejean, 1831
Galerita africana Dejean, 1825
Galerita amazonica Liebke, 1939
Galerita americana (Linnaeus, 1758)
Galerita amethystina Reichardt, 1967
Galerita angustipennis Gerstaecker, 1867
Galerita aptinoides (Basilewsky, 1963)
Galerita atripes Leconte, 1858
Galerita attelaboides (Fabricius, 1781)
Galerita attenuata Quedenfeldt, 1883
Galerita azteca Reichardt, 1967
Galerita balli Reichardt, 1976
Galerita batesi Andrewes, 1923
Galerita beauvoisii Chaudoir, 1861
Galerita bicolor (Drury, 1773)
Galerita boliviana Reichardt, 1967
Galerita boucardii Chaudoir, 1869
Galerita brachinoides Perty, 1830
Galerita brasiliensis Dejean, 1826
Galerita bruchi Liebke, 1932
Galerita carbonaria Mannerheim, 1837
Galerita carinifrons L.Schaufuss, 1887
Galerita championi Bates, 1884
Galerita coeruleipennis Chaudoir, 1861
Galerita collaris Dejean, 1826
Galerita convexipennis Reichardt, 1967
Galerita corumbana Liebke, 1932
Galerita costalimai Reichardt, 1967
Galerita costulata Liebke, 1939
Galerita esmeraldina Reichardt, 1967
Galerita feae Bates, 1892
Galerita femoralis Murray, 1857
Galerita forreri Bates, 1883
Galerita gracilis Brulle, 1837
Galerita hexagonica Liebke, 1939
Galerita immitis Liebke, 1937
Galerita inca Reichardt, 1967
Galerita indica Chaudoir, 1861
Galerita interstitialis Dejean, 1831
Galerita inversa (Basilewsky, 1963)
Galerita isthmica Reichardt, 1967
Galerita janus (Fabricius, 1792)
Galerita javana Jedlicka, 1965
Galerita jelskii Chaudoir, 1877
Galerita lacordairei Dejean, 1826
Galerita laevithorax Reichardt, 1967
Galerita lecontei Dejean, 1831
Galerita loeffleri Jedlicka, 1966
Galerita lunai (Basilewsky, 1963)
Galerita madecassa Fairmaire, 1880
Galerita marginicollis Laporte De Castelnau, 1834
Galerita melanarthra Chaudoir, 1869
Galerita mexicana Chaudoir, 1872
Galerita microcostata Darlington, 1934
Galerita moritzi Mannerheim, 1837
Galerita mustelina Bates, 1884
Galerita nana Reichardt, 1967
Galerita nigra Chevrolat, 1835
Galerita occidentalis (Olivier, 1795)
Galerita orbignyi Brulle, 1837
Galerita orientalis Schmidt-Goebel, 1846
Galerita orobia Reichardt, 1967
Galerita palustris Liebke, 1939
Galerita perrieri (Fairmaire, 1901)
Galerita pheropsophoides (Jeannel, 1949)
Galerita procera Gerstaecker, 1867
Galerita pseudoventricosa Reichardt, 1967
Galerita reichardti Ball & Nimmo, 1983
Galerita rubens Bates, 1888
Galerita rubripes (Jeannel, 1949)
Galerita ruficeps Chaudoir, 1861
Galerita ruficollis Dejean, 1825
Galerita seminigra Chaudoir, In Oberthur, 1883
Galerita simplex Chaudoir, 1852
Galerita simplicicarinata Reichardt, 1967
Galerita stenodera Chaudoir, 1854
Galerita strandi Liebke, 1939
Galerita striata Klug, 1834
Galerita sulcipennis Reichardt, 1967
Galerita toreuta Andrewes, 1933
Galerita tremolerasi Liebke, 1939
Galerita tristis Reiche, 1842
Galerita tucumana Liebke, 1932
Galerita unicolor Latreille & Dejean, 1823
Galerita ventricosa Lucas, 1857

Example Sentences

  • Any day Cacatua galerita* earns the short straw is a memorable one – thus today is sweetly summed to be recalled delightfully.

  • The white cockatoos (_Cacatua galerita_, Lath.) were at one time to be seen in immense flocks, but are now becoming scarce.

  • This bird succeeded Cacatua galerita, and was first seen in an immense flock on the grassy plains at the bottom of the Depot Creek, feeding on the grassy plains or under the trees, where it greedily sought the seeds of the kidney bean.

  • Pycnonotus zeylanicus a Blue-and-Yellow Macaw Ara ararauna, nine Sulphur-crested Cockatoos Cacatua galerita, three Palm Cockatoos

  • One bird, Snowball, a sulphur-crested cockatoo (Cacatua galerita eleanora), came to the researchers 'attention after YouTube footage suggested he might have a certain prowess for dance - especially when listening to Everybody by the Backstreet Boys. "

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