• (noun): A gaming-house; a house kept for the accommodation of persons who play at games of hazard for stakes.

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Example Sentences

  • Here meet all ranks, those of the highest character, and those who have no character to lose; those who by some fortunate accident have become possessed of a few dollars, and those whose mine of wealth lies in the gambling-house — all for the time being on terms of perfect equality.

  • The quarrel originated in a gambling-house, and this

  • When Howe occupied Philadelphia, Will was said to have made some money keeping a gambling-house with an officer of the dragoons of

  • It must be confessed, that the grandee loved the estaminet where he could play billiards with the first comer; that he had a passion for the gambling-house; that he was a loose and disorderly nobleman: but, in whatever company he found himself,

  • Billingsgate, or Captain Buff; and at the same time nodding to young Moses, the dandy bailiff; or Loder, the gambling-house keeper; or Aminadab, the cigar-seller in the Quadrant.

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