• (verb): Simple past tense and past participle of garnish.

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Example Sentences

  • If the debt is large enough, say a couple of thousand dollars, you can also be sued and your wages can be what they call garnished, which means taken away.

  • No windows worthy of the name garnished the dead white walls of these houses, whose light sprang in reality from within, each house being in the form of a square of building surrounding

  • No, dues aren't "garnished" in any state. by Achance

  • Stuffed fish, crab, shrimp, chicken, beef wellington anything ... frozen and micro-d then "garnished".

  • Given the consequences of defaulting on a student loan -- trashed credit, garnished wages/tax refunds/Social Security, inability to obtain a security clearance, and the fact that student loans can almost never be discharged in bankruptcy -- most people will, quite rationally, do just about anything to avoid defaulting on a student loans.

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