• (verb): Present participle of garnish.

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Example Sentences

  • They got an "A+" for effort in garnishing the platters prettily too.

  • I find my draught of "The Resolution" come, finished, from Chatham; but will cost me, one way or other, about L12 or L13, in the board, frame, and garnishing, which is a little too much, but I will not be beholden to the King's officers that do it.

  • Lemee guess - she's gonna say her plan is truly universal, he'll mention "garnishing" of wages, and they'll muddy the waters with mandates for kids which they agree on.

  • I got an e-mail yesterday from my Best Republican Friend (who comments around here as "D.P."*), and he apparently is frightened by Hillary Clinton's statement on Face the Nation yesterday that she might recommending "garnishing" (the AP's word, not hers) wages in order to pay for universal medical coverage.

  • Other states have higher child support awards, laws that aggressively establish paternity, and collection techniques that make defaulting unlikely such as garnishing child support from paychecks.

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