• (noun): The state of being godless.

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  • (noun): impiety by virtue of not being a godly person

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Example Sentences

  • And yet insofar as my godlessness is concerned, I am a member of a despised minority.

  • True enough; one asshole might be an exception, and godlessness is no guarantee of goodness, but a series of incidents is a pattern, and we have to look at who is inciting it …

  • "he who now letteth" refers to those who rule that polity by which the great upbursting of godlessness is kept down [Alford].

  • The Apostle has been describing in very severe terms the godlessness and corruption of heathenism.

  • I was thinking about Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan and some of my other favorite science fiction authors because an article was circulating warning people that science fiction literature is a danger due to the themes of "godlessness" and the lack of belief or personal beliefs of some of the most famous authors of all time.

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