Example Sentences

  • Mr. Harbert later landed at Comcast, where he is currently the president of the cable provider's West Coast entertainment group, overseeing some of the company's more high-profile pro-gramming assets, including E!,

  • Ib U noze NEwun daht dooz pro gramming stuff, ask dehm abowt HTML tagz.

  • The repro-gramming had interesting side effects on the android's personality, though, leaving Mac much quirkier than is usually the case for androids.

  • It was a pro - gramming technique that had been reverse-engineered from the sort of psychotic mental blocks that otherwise perfectly normal people had been observed invariably to develop when elected to high political office.

  • By selective use of this media blackout, those in charge of pro gramming can effectively control the thinking of the average person who is without alternate sources of information.

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