• (noun): Size.
  • (noun): Lack of refinement in character, behaviour etc.; coarseness.

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  • (noun): the quality of lacking taste and refinement

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Example Sentences

  • Of the obstinate effort to bring about an armed intervention, on the lines marked out by Russell’s letter to Palmerston from Gotha, 17 September, 1862, nothing could be said beyond Gladstone’s plea in excuse for his speech in pursuance of the same effort, that it was “the most singular and palpable error, ” “the least excusable, ” “a mistake of incredible grossness, ” which passed defence; but while Gladstone threw himself on the mercy of the public for his speech, he attempted no excuse for Lord Russell who led him into the “incredible grossness” of announcing the Foreign Secretary’s intent.

  • Yet even here the grossness is but little more pronounced than what we find in our old drama (e. g.,

  • With succeeding Lord Horror works, each one aims to out-do the preceding one in grossness.

  • ANY way was an act of violence, for what did it consist of but the obtrusion of the idea of grossness and guilt on a small helpless creature who had been for me a revelation of the possibilities of beautiful intercourse?

  • Hence a bumping lass is a large girl of her age, and a bumpkin is a large-limbed, uncivilized rustic; the idea of grossness of size entering into the idea of a country bumpkin, as well as that of unpolished rudeness.

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