• (noun): A coarse heavy fabric made of jute or hemp, used especially for bags or sacks. See Regional Note at gunnysack.

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  • (noun): coarse jute fabric

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Example Sentences

  • Maybe half of the boys slept on top of cardboard pieces to keep out the chill of the concrete … and a few also had their legs wrapped up in gunny-sacks that they were using as makeshift sleeping bags.

  • Surely one of the cheapest and plainest of fibres otherwise known as gunny sacking, or hessian, made from jute...

  • In India it is used mainly for the manufacture of a coarse textile known as gunny cloth, used as bale-wrappers, and sacks for coffee and rice.

  • My "gunny" sergeant had given them my name. they made their pitch.

  • If a wet material, such as gunny sack, is placed over the fish it will cool slightly when no ice is available.

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