• (noun): Alternative spelling of hemolysis.

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  • (noun): lysis of erythrocytes with the release of hemoglobin

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Example Sentences

  • The erythrocytes in this volume of blood will soon be destroyed by haemolysis, but this provides about 50 mg of iron to the infant¬ís reserve and reduces the frequency of iron-deficiency anaemia later in infancy (Michaelsen et al 1995, Pisacane 1996).

  • In case of intolerance to thiacetazone: skin reactions, haematological disorders, signs of haemolysis, reduction of polynuclear cells or cerebral oedema, stop treatment and refer to a doctor, even if reaction is only moderate.

  • There are three mechanisms: impaired RBC production, RBC loss from bleeding, and increased RBC destruction (haemolysis).

  • Beyerinck's auxanographic method was applied on several occasions by Eijkman, as for example during the secretion of enzymes which break down casein or bring about haemolysis, whereby he could demonstrate the hydrolysis of fats under the influence of lipases.

  • Very rarely patients with G6PD deficiency develop methaemoglobinaemia and haemolysis.

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