• (noun): A corrupt politician.
  • (noun): A member of a Chinese-American secret society of paid assassins and blackmailers.

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  • (noun): a corrupt politician

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Example Sentences

  • It may be that the Chinese 'highbinder' has a discrete origin: thus Asbury _Barbary Coast_ 1933 185: 'The _boo how doy_, popularly known as hatchetmen or highbinders, received regular salaries, with extra pay for exceptional bravery in battle.'

  • The Senator is just not the highbinder you may have imagined.

  • Ah Sing in the swelling of commendable pride, at having outwitted the most notorious highbinder in Chinatown, built him a house that was quite large enough to swing a cat in, and as gorgeous inside as a joss house, and quite as dingy without, with the wisdom of Confucius done in very large characters on very red paper pasted all about the front door.

  • After that no self-respecting highbinder could hold up his head.

  • The highbinder, evincing not the slightest irritation at his failures, changed the method of attack.

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