Example Sentences

  • And there was something sort of sad and homely about having to have her final home-going service in that little room rather than in the beautiful sanctuary for which she had sewn the draperies of the baptismal font, the same place that my mother was memorialized.

  • All the tennis games are grouped together, all the bridges, all the meadows, all the home-going figures – schoolmates, goose-girls, hop-pickers, cows, uniformly trudging right to left against a moody horizon.

  • The crowd began to dwindle, and the few police officers that remained began to relax as the home-going for Hamilton was coming to a close without incident.

  • On October 5th another note says, "Susan S. Mom's home-going, 1987."

  • Thousands came to pay their respects to the former NFL most valuable player and what organizers called one of the largest home-going services in Mississippi history.

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