• (noun): the hollow behind the knee
  • (verb): To hamstring
  • (noun): Archaic spelling of hoe.
  • (verb): Archaic spelling of hoe.

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Hough may refer to:

Hamstringing or severing the Achilles tendon of an animal
the leg or shin of an animal (in the Scots language), from which the dish potted hough is made
Hough (surname)

Example Sentences

  • a kind of hough to break the ice, and make a sort of steps for the mules.

  • The biggest issue i believe is the moral mentality of some of the representatives ... they are just cold hearted. jason hough

  • Apr. 5th, 2010 09: 41 pm (UTC) hough I don't know what RI laws/enforcement are like on that matter ...

  • How you can use it for other file formats (hough recently undergoing a desperate expansion) is also limited compared to other e-readers.

  • Sat 11/14/09 11: 11 AM jordana brewster, julianne hough, and kristen kreuk

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