• (verb): Present participle of hough.

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Example Sentences

  • One of the monks told me, that it is vaulted below, as they can plainly perceive by the sound of their instruments used in houghing the ground.

  • In the west, armed bands went about every night houghing the cattle and murdering all who dared to oppose them.

  • Robert was proved to have boasted of having drawn the first blood of the Maclarens; and the brothers were all accused of having followed this murder by houghing and killing forty head of young cattle belonging to a kinsman of the deceased.

  • Some other defaulters were dealt with before the Mac-Nicolls, a few throughither women and lads from the back-lanes of the burghs, on the old tale, a shoreside man for houghing a quey, and a girl Mac Vicar, who had been for a season on a visit to some Catholic relatives in the

  • "Ay! There will be a houghing shortly after dawn!" he muttered.

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