• (noun): A domestic dog of any of various breeds commonly used for hunting, characteristically having drooping ears, a short coat, and a deep resonant voice.
  • (noun): A dog.
  • (noun): A contemptible person; a scoundrel.
  • (noun): One who eagerly pursues something: a gossip hound.
  • (noun): A devotee or an enthusiast: a coffee hound.
  • (verb-transitive): To pursue relentlessly and tenaciously. See Synonyms at harass.
  • (verb-transitive): To urge insistently; nag: hounded me until I agreed to cut my hair.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (noun): someone who is morally reprehensible; "you dirty dog"
  • (noun): any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears
  • (verb): pursue or chase relentlessly; "The hunters traced the deer into the woods"; "the detectives hounded the suspect until they found him"

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A hound is a type of dog used by hunters to track or chase prey.

Example Sentences

  • He never “stressed out” about all the thoughts and worries that would excuse the expression hound me.

  • Among these guys, all it takes to be known as a hound is to actually touched a live girl.

  • If the hound is your foe, don't sleep in his kennel.

  • I am a Puritan as thoroughly as a hound is a hound, and a pointer a pointer, whose pedigree of unmixed blood can be traced for generations back.

  • Grant, a booze-hound from the word go, would show up in front of his superiors stewed to the gills.

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