• (adjective): Of or pertaining to hydrocyanic acid or its compounds

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Example Sentences

  • Fresh cassava roots contain a poisonous substance called hydrocyanic acid.

  • Under the proper conditions carbon unites with nitrogen and hydrogen to form the acid HCN, called hydrocyanic acid.

  • It was a medicine called the hydrocyanic or prussic acid.

  • The following are empirical laws still waiting to be resolved into the simpler laws from which they are derived: the local laws of the flux and reflux of the tides in different places; the succession of certain kinds of weather to certain appearances of sky; the apparent exceptions to the almost universal truth that bodies expand by increase of temperature; the law that breeds, both animal and vegetable, are improved by crossing; that gases have a strong tendency to permeate animal membranes; that substances containing a very high proportion of nitrogen (such as hydrocyanic acid and morphia) are powerful poisons; that when different metals are fused together the alloy is harder than the various elements; that the number of atoms of acid required to neutralize one atom of any base is equal to the number of atoms of oxygen in the base; that the solubility of substances in one another depends, (171) at least in some degree, on the similarity of their elements.

  • Webelements periodic table says that it is 250 billion times more toxic than hydrocyanic acid.

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