• (noun): Any of several chemical engineering processes including hydrogenation, hydrocracking and hydrotreating, especially as part of oil refining.

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Example Sentences

  • The Meraux refinery is 40 miles from its refinery in St. Charles, La., and includes a 34,000-barrel-a-day hydrocracker and significant hydroprocessing capacity for clean diesel production.

  • ART is a leading global supplier of hydroprocessing catalysts which remove sulfur and other contaminants from petroleum to produce more environmentally-friendly transportation fuels, and allow refiners to process less expensive feedstocks.

  • ART was established to develop and supply hydroprocessing catalysts and is the largest shareholder of Kuwait Catalyst Company, a privately held Kuwaiti company and a supplier of hydroprocessing catalysts for petroleum refining in the Arabian Gulf region.

  • The blaze shut the plant's hydroprocessing units, the company's chief financial officer said, adding that other units could be shut after a daylight damage assessment.

  • While FT synthetic fuels generally come with higher cap-ex costs due to the gasification and clean-up equipment as compared to hydroprocessing equipment that leverages the pre-existing assets of a petroleum refiner, hydroprocessing is not feedstock agnostic.

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