• (adverb): In a hydrostatic manner
  • (adverb): With regard to hydrostatics

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Example Sentences

  • It's Poseidon — the god of the sea, the enemy of Odysseus, the earth-shaker — as a hydrostatically pressurized steel platform against a mechanomorphosized Aeolus, the ruler of the winds.

  • The nucleus distributes pressure hydrostatically or equally in all directions.

  • And we might refer to the historical record of one of these, with all the minute particulars as positive data, imposing on us the necessity of admitting that the solid parts of the globe are hydrostatically balanced in the sea.

  • Seeing, therefore, the equilibrium of the whole mass, and the consequent hydrostatic balance of the land in the sea, -- seeing also the small compressibility of the solid portions, and the great compressibility of the fluid, the inference is legitimate that the whole is hydrostatically balanced, and that our globe is a globe of water, with an intermediate shell of land, specifically lighter than the fluid in which it is suspended.

  • For the rest of the day he was hydrostatically mad; nor could the commonest incident connected with the action or conveyance of water take place without his speculating on its cause and consequence.

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