• (noun): The upper lateral region of the abdomen, marked by the lower ribs.

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  • (noun): the upper region of the abdomen just below the lowest ribs on either side of the epigastrium

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In anatomy, the division of the abdomen into regions can employ a nine-region scheme, in which the hypochondrium is the upper part of the abdomen on either side, inferior to (below) the thorax, in the area of the lower ribs.
The liver is in the right hypochondrium; the spleen and much of the stomach are in the left hypochondrium. The epigastrium intervenes.

Example Sentences

  • A swelling in the hypochondrium, that is hard and painful, is very bad, provided it occupy the whole hypochondrium; but if it be on either side, it is less dangerous when on the left.

  • Characteristically, the liver patient experiences pain just below the ribs of the right side of the abdomen, an area commonly called the hypochondrium, and liver patients are often unwittingly labeled as chronic “hypochondriacs.”

  • Apply to the hypochondrium linseed by inunctions, taking care that he do not catch cold when the application is made; let it be in a tepid state, and boiled in water and oil.

  • But if he shall use ptisan for a draught, and drink afterward hydromel, he will feel full, flatulent, and uncomfortable in the viscera of the hypochondrium; but if the hydromel be taken before the draught, it will not have the same injurious effects as if taken after it, but will be rather beneficial.

  • But there is nothing to prevent fomentations and cerates being applied for the other pains of the sides; and the legs and loins may be rubbed with hot oil, or anointed with fat; linseed, too, in the form of a cataplasm, may be applied to the hypochondrium and as far up as the breasts.

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