Example Sentences

  • He pedalled with ill-suppressed anger, and his head was going down.

  • It is time that this ill-suppressed murmur of all thoughtful men against the famine of our churches; this moaning of the heart because it is bereaved of the consolation, the hope, the grandeur, that come alone out of the culture of the moral nature; should be heard through the sleep of indolence, and over the din of routine.

  • Do not men receive even my benefits with shrinking horror and ill-suppressed disgust?

  • For answer, she took his face between her hands, and looked at him with such an ill-suppressed fire in her eyes that all he could do was to draw her into his arms.

  • I ask, they grunt their approval, and then they ignore me for the duration of the song, staring at the ceiling, glaring at the ill-suppressed giggles of their friends, checking the location of their precious handbags, in fact looking anywhere but at me.

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