• (verb): Present participle of imbitter.

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Example Sentences

  • He had little affection for that sister left — for she had used him cruelly, and even now was imbittering the injury — but he still had some tender feeling for the other, who had always been his favorite.

  • Before man attains wealth or honour, those who had most rejoiced to witness it have passed away; while still, fair as is the outward lot, there are internal sorrows, imbittering every pleasant draught, and casting a shadow over all the brightness of human existence.

  • The most imbittering and offensive thing that _can ever be done_ to those men _is done_ the moment you pronounce the words of freedom and human rights, in conjunction with each other, as if they were the same thing.

  • So far from imbittering the feelings of the true friends of the Union in the South, assurance of the continuance of such a protection over them, even for that length of time, would infuse new confidence and new activity into all their movements.

  • Not one of those words or actions had the smallest effect in imbittering my mind toward you.

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