• (noun): Obsolete spelling of ink.

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Example Sentences

  • And I said vnto them: Bring mee some inke and paper, and I will write for you so long as we shall remaine here: and they did so.

  • King's Hill, where the steward writes only with coals, and not with inke.

  • At last the lover begs for mercy; he writes Venus a letter: "with the teres of min eye in stede of inke."

  • This the trifling old woman declared unto the captive maiden: but I poore Asse, not standing farre of, was not a little sorry in that I lacked pen and inke to write so worthy a tale.

  • Thomas Bushell or some other of his Gentlemen, that attended him with inke & paper ready, to sett downe presently his thoughts.

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