• (adjective): Of, constituting, based on, or of the nature of a legend.
  • (adjective): Celebrated in legend.
  • (adjective): Extremely well known; famous or renowned. See Usage Note at legend.

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  • (adjective): celebrated in fable or legend; "the fabled Paul Bunyan and his blue ox"; "legendary exploits of Jesse James"
  • (adjective): so celebrated as to having taken on the nature of a legend; "the legendary exploits of the arctic trailblazers"

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Example Sentences

  • It is therefore more in its place in Argentile and Curan, which he calls a legendary drama, written on the old English model.

  • And when jazz greats, such as the Grammy Award-winning vocalist Kurt Elling, take the stage, it is easy to understand why The Green Mill is often referred to as legendary.

  • She is said to have inspired the beatnik-turned-reluctant-model character played by Audrey Hepburn in legendary fashion film Funny Face (1957).

  • Join legendary industry creator Howard Chaykin on a thrill ride that's rung up over $1 billion in box office worldwide and become the gold standard for classic action!

  • Sneakerous thank GOD legendary is picking this up. i have full faith after what was done with The Dark Knight.

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