Luteum or lutea may refer to:

Buglossidium luteum or Solenette
Calostemma luteum
Chamaelirium luteum or Chamaelirium
Eriastrum luteum
Oncis lutea
Pentalinon luteum
Rhododendron luteum
Trillium luteum

Example Sentences

  • The presence of the corpus luteum, which is normally formed during the estrous cycle, means that the rats likely have higher amounts of progesterone.

  • After the egg leaves the follicle, the round-shaped follicle collapses and becomes a corpus luteum from the Latin “yellow body”.

  • Although the researchers did not perform a check on the estrous cycle directly, their microscopic analysis of ovaries and uterus tissue showed that the hormone-induced changes (i.e. early ovulation and formation of corpus luteum) were well underway.

  • If she does not become pregnant, the corpus luteum regresses, and levels of estrogen, progesterone, and inhibin A fall.

  • The cells in the corpus luteum secrete estrogen, progesterone, and inhibin A under control of LH.

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