• (noun): One that has committed a crime; a criminal.
  • (noun): An evildoer.

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  • (noun): someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime

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Example Sentences

  • Dead in law, as a condemned malefactor is called a dead man because he is under a sentence of death; so sinners by the guilt of sin are under the sentence of the law and condemned already, John iii.

  • Sinners are dead in state, being destitute of the principles, and powers of spiritual life; and cut off from God, the fountain of life: and they are dead in law, as a condemned malefactor is said to be a dead man.

  • That she shall be exposed to shame: Thy lewdness and thy whoredoms shall be discovered (v. 29), as, when a malefactor is punished, all his crimes are ripped up, and repeated to his disgrace; what was secret then comes to light, and what was done long since is then called to mind.

  • Now the business of a judge with a malefactor is to convict him of his crimes, and then to pass sentence upon him for them.

  • When people clamor for justice in Israel but ignore massacres in Syria, Libya, starvation in North Korea, on and on -- are they interested in criticizing only if the malefactor is a Jew?

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