• (noun): an undercover agent who is given no official cover

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  • (noun): an undercover agent who is given no official cover

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Example Sentences

  • So this year, even before she was outed, she was moving away from "noc" - which means non-official cover, like pretending to be a business executive.

  • They have a huge "noc" presence according to what our intelligence agencies analyze.

  • There are any number of non-official cover or "noc" spice posing as business people, posing as journalists, posing as, you know, academics or students and those individuals are even harder to track.

  • In this world exist the immortal nocternals, whose Common name derives from 'noc' for night and the truncated version of 'eternal' or forever.

  • The JSC Net happens to block some www sites at least when I was working there, have the noc close the network if you do not want things posted.

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