• (noun): Fair and unbiased; not discriminating; not biased against a particular group or type of person.

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Example Sentences

  • It's not fashionable to talk about "common carrier" services -- the idea that some businesses serve an essential function so that they operate in a non-discriminatory way.

  • I, § 8 for carrying out all constitutional powers granted to the federal government, which means, for example, that Congress can require individuals who can afford it to obtain health insurance in order to carry out its authority to regulate the interstate health insurance industry and ensure affordable, non-discriminatory health care.

  • Florida needs to be fair and prudent, and allow all United States citizens the right to higher education in a non-discriminatory fashion.

  • In its announcement, Fujitsu says that its plans rely on Ofcom forcing BT Openreach - the division of the company which looks after its physical infrastructure - to provide access to its telegraph poles and underground cable ducts on "fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms".

  • All UF needs to do is show there was a non-discriminatory basis for their actions.

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