• (noun): A small knob or lump.
  • (verb): To beat or bruise with the fist.

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  • (noun): a small lump or protuberance

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Example Sentences

  • For example, I bought the DVD of "Chariots of Fire" as my VHS was worn to a nubble.

  • That tallest blue pine, that nubble of grasses in the upland meadow, that outcrop of granite.

  • She breathed on a penny, placed it on the nubble, before wrapping the napkin round.

  • A round nubble about 14 mile in diameter, of sharp, rocky bottom having about 40 fathoms over it.

  • And noo I am thinking ye'll een let the puir mon in the dock just gae free; and pit my laird, his greece, the nubble duk ', intil the prisoner's place.

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