Example Sentences

  • Nope, not "nuff" said, so here I go: If being a one-term absentee senator from Illinois is inconsequential as for his fitness to be the POTUS, then what he did or did not do in that insignificant role should not matter.

  • "You know well 'nuff' tain't," retorted the widow, indignantly.

  • Well, I'se made de bes on it, an I'se gwine ter make de bes on it; but if de yearth crack right open heah, as like 'nuff 'twill' fo 'mawnin, I'd jump right down in de crack' fo 'I'd do it ober ag'in.

  • You'se strong 'nuff' cept your mine's been off wisitin 'somewhar.

  • It was a surreal night at the Viper Room in Hollywood on Monday, where fans got to see two different Enuff Z'nuff's perform. more

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