• (noun): One that offends, especially one that breaks a public law: a corrections institution for youthful offenders.

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  • (noun): a person who transgresses moral or civil law

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Example Sentences

  • The main offender is Suresh, who has suddenly developed a total fascination with superpowers and whether it would be possible to give superpowers to regular people.

  • “In the event that the life sentence cannot be imposed because the offender is a juvenile, then the Court shall substitute a fixed sentence of 60 years for rape (and other violence against person and sex crimes) and 50 years for crimes soley involving property.”

  • I agree one needs to punish bad behavior, but for personal insults of the non-lawbreaking sort, mere shunning and avoidance of the offender is a pretty good strategy.

  • Arranging a plea bargain to avoid a lengthy mandatory minimum jail sentence while accomplishing all my other goals and constructing a sentence that address the offender is a job welldone.

  • City drivers, especially those of us who hail from the North, will continue to drive and beep the horn wildly and angrily gesture, whether the offender is an elected official or not.

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