• (adjective): Excessively imaginative; to a fault.

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Example Sentences

  • There are times when I regret the decision to hide in plain sight, fictionalizing accounts of my activities in the pages of The Wraith Magazine so that any reports of a silver masked figure seen lurking in the streets of Recondito will be written off as an overimaginative reader with more costuming skill than sense.

  • Ages 6 to 9: They may be overimaginative and susceptible to scare stories about the war.

  • Twenty years later, yuppies all over the world will pay fortunes for any old studio described by overimaginative Realtors as “lofts,” but back then they were cold spaces in deserted and often undesirable parts of town.

  • It seems to be about an overimaginative kid's summer vacation.

  • That the whole 'people just aren't THAT into reading' is some myth weaved by my overimaginative and ridiculously huge mind?

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