\"Paper tiger\" is a literal English translation of the Chinese phrase zhilaohu (纸老虎/紙老虎). The term refers to something that seems threatening but is ineffectual and unable to withstand challenge. The expression became well known in the West as a slogan used by Mao Zedong's Chinese communist state against its opponents, particularly the U.S. government.

Example Sentences

  • And, we didn't want the United States to be perceived as a "paper-tiger" in the aftermath of its non-response to the Marine barracks bombing.

  • Waxman is a "paper-tiger" by Mr M on Friday, May 2, 2008 at 6: 50: 39 AM

  • We have become a paper-tiger because of his mismanagement of our military.

  • Meanwhile, our swaggering paper-tiger arrogance has cost us allies and posioned the fragile well of good will that we were slowly restoring in the thirty years after Vietnam.

  • I could care less about the paper-tiger accusation of being "racist".

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