• (noun): A petty, quibbling, unscrupulous lawyer.
  • (noun): One who quibbles over trivia.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (noun): a disputant who quibbles; someone who raises annoying petty objections
  • (noun): a person (especially a lawyer or politician) who uses unscrupulous or unethical methods

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Example Sentences

  • He had long been reading law in his curious, spasmodically concentrated way, and he had practised a little as a "pettifogger," that is, an unlicensed practitioner in the inferior courts.

  • Before this I had ventured to try a few law cases before justices of the peace, both in the country, in villages, and in the city, and I had some professional triumphs, occasionally over a regular attorney, but more commonly meeting the "pettifogger," who was of

  • The unintended consequence is empowerment of the moneyed few that can still afford the overpriced beltway pettifogger who knows the ropes.

  • The chief pettifogger and Energizer Bunny for the pro-Clinton forces was political strategist James Carville, whose official title was Senior Political Adviser to the President.

  • Although now I have to thank you Andy Pandy because I'm now aware that I'm a pettifogger sense 2.

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