• (adjective): Of or pertaining to phenylacetic acid or its derivatives

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Example Sentences

  • One way to make the drug now is the so-called "P2P" method, which mainly uses a chemical called phenylacetic acid.

  • Last week, authorities seized 88 tons (80 metric tons) of ethyl phenyl acetate, also known as phenylacetic acid in five shipping containers sent from China to Manzanillo.

  • According to the D.E.A. report, a company believed to be owned by Greene ordered 551 pounds of phenylacetic acid and paid with a bank check for $1,267.30.

  • In 1976, the Drug Enforcement Administration had Greene under investigation for the suspected purchase of phenylacetic acid, which is used to manufacture methamphetamine, or “speed.”

  • The aroma of low-extraction white flour is dominated by vanilla, spicy, metallic, and fatty notes (from vanillin, a furanone, and fatty aldehydes), while whole-meal flour is richer in most of these and in addition has cucumber, fried, “sweaty,” and honey notes (from other fatty aldehydes and alcohols and phenylacetic acid).

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