• (noun): A female procurer.

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  • (noun): a woman pimp

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Example Sentences

  • Foreign Office papers showed they were egging on the Libyans and the Scots like a procuress in some ghastly 16th century painting, trying to drag a poor innocent girl into a young buck's bed.

  • Not only is she not intimidated by her mother's authourity and threats, she challenges the older woman, telling her that her procuress-like speech on how risks are necessary for richness "is a pretty saying of a wicked one/but methinks now/it does not show so well out of your mouth;/better in his" (2. 1.177-180).

  • The false ascetic, the perfidious and murderous crone and the old hag-procuress who pimps like Umm Kulsum,341 for mere pleasure, in the luxury of sin, are drawn with an experienced and loving hand.

  • In his marvelous September 2006 take on Gygax and D&D from The Believer, Paul La Farge brings up a fairly amazing bit of D&D lore, the Harlot Encounter table, with its 12 varieties of prostitute from "typical streetwalker" to "wealthy procuress."

  • Then comes a man of the name of Aubriot, a godson of the procuress Tourtera, and completely under her guidance.

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