• (adjective): Thieving.
  • (noun): The act or process of working and tempering clay to make it plastic and of uniform consistency, as for bricks, for pottery, etc.
  • (noun): Mortar or the like, laid between the joists under the boards of a floor, or within a partition, to deaden sound; -- in the United States usually called deafening.

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Example Sentences

  • In the window is displayed a box of marbles -- glassies, commonies, and a larger browny adapted to the purpose of "pugging," by reason of the violence with which it seems to respond to the impact of your thumb.

  • St. Marys operates its own licensed landfill, and before it is stored there, Schmidt explained that it is first put through a process known as "pugging" which pellitizes the CKD so that it will not blow around.

  • "pugging," and the whole thing -- trough, shaft, and knives -- is a "pug mill."

  • I think you guys at Inhabitat should do a little research as to the NEW showhouse and not just shamelessly pugging the mkLotus House agian!

  • The first step of adobe blocks is pugging the clay.

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