• (noun): An insult or barb; a snide or demeaning remark.

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  • (noun): a crushing remark

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Example Sentences

  • It is an unfair generalization and a put-down not worthy of Boing Boing. coaxial replied to comment from Antinous/Moderator

  • The South, Barbour's comments and the put-down of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on civil rights laws and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in his unrepentant praise of Confederate History Month still type the white South as a region that's still chock full of unreconstructed racists and religious and social bigots.

  • It was a very effective put-down, and some felt it turned the whole debate.

  • For several decades, and perhaps even now in some quarters, “Vas you dere, Charlie?” was a quick put-down for any skeptic in any situation.

  • My generation's first exposure to Agnes Moorehead wasn't her work for Orson Welles, but when she was well into her 60s and perfecting the waspish put-down of her daughter's attempts at domesticity on a weekly basis in Bewitched.

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