• (adjective): Moving or functioning rapidly and energetically; speedy.
  • (adjective): Learning, thinking, or understanding with speed and dexterity; bright: a quick mind.
  • (adjective): Perceiving or responding with speed and sensitivity; keen.
  • (adjective): Reacting immediately and sharply: a quick temper.
  • (adjective): Occurring, achieved, or acquired in a relatively brief period of time: a quick rise through the ranks; a quick profit.
  • (adjective): Done or occurring immediately: a quick inspection. See Synonyms at fast1.
  • (adjective): Tending to react hastily: quick to find fault.
  • (adjective): Archaic Alive.
  • (adjective): Archaic Pregnant.
  • (noun): Sensitive or raw exposed flesh, as under the fingernails.
  • (noun): The most personal and sensitive aspect of the emotions.
  • (noun): The living: the quick and the dead.
  • (noun): The vital core; the essence: got to the quick of the matter.
  • (adverb): Quickly; promptly.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (noun): any area of the body that is highly sensitive to pain (as the flesh underneath the skin or a fingernail or toenail)
  • (adjective): easily aroused or excited; "a quick temper"; "a warm temper"
  • (adjective): performed with little or no delay; "an immediate reply to my letter"; "a prompt reply"; "was quick to respond"; "a straightaway denial"
  • (adjective): apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity; "a quick mind"; "a ready wit"
  • (adjective): moving quickly and lightly; "sleek and agile as a gymnast"; "as nimble as a deer"; "nimble fingers"; "quick of foot"; "the old dog was so spry it was halfway up the stairs before we could stop it"
  • (adjective): hurried and brief; "paid a flying visit"; "took a flying glance at the book"; "a quick inspection"; "a fast visit"
  • (adjective): accomplished rapidly and without delay; "was quick to make friends"; "his quick reaction prevented an accident"; "hoped for a speedy resolution of the problem"; "a speedy recovery"; "he has a right to a speedy trial"
  • (adverb): with little or no delay; "the rescue squad arrived promptly"; "come here, quick!"

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Example Sentences

  • "What'll the _next_ one be!" flashed into my mind, and I burst out eagerly, "Oh, Phil, call somebody -- go for the doctor -- quick, quick, oh, do be _quick_!

  • I. ii.113 (118,9) Oh, when we bring forth weeds,/When our quick winds lie still] The sense is, that man, not agitated by censure, like soil not ventilated by _quick winds_, produces more evil than good.

  • Freezing assets here and going in quick is very important and is the only way to help the victims.

  • The term quick risotto is actually something of a misnomer, because to make a risotto you have to bring water or stock to a boil, saut√© the onions and the rice, and then there's the time it takes the rice to cook, about 15 minutes.

  • Despite the extra work, Tamale is happy to have the tests, which he describes as "quick and easy" to use.

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